The Stellar Awards

music award

You’re supposed to put the audience and the awardees at ease. No matter how small the ceremony, you don’t want individuals tripping over tables or sitting with their backs to the podium. If the ceremony is large, then you should be much more cautious.

Your speech should be fascinating, creative and exciting. Do you know any stories in regards to the person receiving the award that the viewers at large just isn’t conscious of? Choose these stories carefully in order not to embarrass or ridicule the awarded individual. If the story does not put the awardee in a optimistic light, neglect about it. Remember, this isn’t a business presentation, so you should not be too formal.

Sankara Kurup, who won it for his anthology, Odakkuzhal, in Malayalam language. This honor is given only to Indian nationals for their outstanding contribution in direction of literature in any of the Indian languages … Read More