October 3, 2022

Adele’s Stunning Single Easy On Me Races To Number One On Charts

Well, it is now looking like we’ll get to celebrate Christmas with loved ones this year, preventing any last minute lockdown-based surge for The Kunts, which possibly bodes well for LadBaby. That doesn’t mean it’s assured they’ll be ahead of The Kunts when the final Christmas chart is published on Friday. Though, they did both chart higher than the band’s effort last year – ‘Boris Johnson Is A Fucking Cunt’ – with Carey at number two, Wham! At number three and The Kunts at number five on the 2020 Christmas chart. Adam Wade had 11 hits from Nov 1960 (“Gloria’s Theme”) to Jan 1965 (“Crying in the Chapel”).

Secondly the chart from Japan is just too difficult to convert. Now luckily this doesn’t impact us much as most Japanese hits appear nowhere else. It unfortunate but to make the processing tractable we just have to ignore Japanese charts until someone … Read More

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The band is the primary Korean act to chart 10 or more songs on the Hot a hundred. Streaming now constitutes 80 per cent of the singles market and Masterton predicts a “post-purchase era” when it is the one game on the town. Streaming privileges the informal listener over the committed fan, because buying a songis energetic whereas streaming is passive. Thus, it supercharges massive hits, extending their chart lifespans and mattress-blocking new entries.

Before your music can enter the charts, you’ll need official chart registration. Meet the bald Norwegians and different unknowns who truly create the songs that top the charts.

One of the most important musical numbers in Grease, Olivia Newton-John and Danny Travolta’s performance has gained iconic standing, with the monitor specifically written for Newton-John’s role transformative second as Sandy Dumbrowski. Although the track has been coated quite a few times and featured in actuality competitions looking … Read More