December 1, 2022

Bass Guitar News, Reviews And Tutorials


As far as tone goes, the G2220 Junior Jet Bass II sports activities two mini-humbuckers which are surprisingly highly effective. In phrases of hardware, the Affinity Precision Bass PJ rocks Squier’s Precision break up-coil neck pickup and Squier’s single-coil Jazz bridge pickup, in addition to two volume control knobs and one tone management knob. Initially, its tone and sound are tame and shiny, though you will be able to seize a variety of tones with the management knobs.

Playing with out an amp may be helpful for learning to maneuver your fingers rapidly and specific songs. You do not have to buy an amp to practice so long as you can hear yourself play.

It’s an all-round bass that was manufactured out of excessive-high quality, durable tonewoods, it sounds superb for the buck, and it appears nothing in need of exceptional. We’ve made sure to incorporate fashions from popular brands … Read More