December 8, 2022

Bass Performance Hall


Since the bass and the guitar are related, the scales and music theory apply to each the instruments. What you might learn on a guitar, you can simply apply on a bass guitar and vice versa. Whichever one you select to play first, it’s essential to study the fundamentals.

This is completed by way of MIDI, which I won’t go into now however you can learn all about here. Double basses and, to a lesser extent, cellos, are the unique lower register string instruments. Usually related to classical orchestras, they’re also frequent in skiffle and rock ‘n’ roll bands.

That kind of bass doesn’t add a lot to a harmony but is delicious with mashed potatoes. Let’s face it – rock and pop music wouldn’t exist with out the humble bass guitar. And as a bassist, your setup – the look of your instrument, the sound of your amp and … Read More

Networked Music Performance

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On your submissions, ensure you get to crucial a part of the music within the first seconds and avoid lengthy or meandering intros. Many job posters decide whether to hearken to the remainder of a monitor primarily based on the primary seconds, so make them depend by using an edit if essential to get right to the center of the music. While having an agent can be handy, most composers whose music is utilized in film and TV at present usually are not represented by agents. Our job posters are primarily excited about your music, not whether or not you’re represented by an agent.


QMusic is dedicated to constructing opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and music companies. QMusic is a music association representing Queensland’s music business. QMusic is targeted on promoting the creative value, cultural price and commercial potential of Queensland music. If these steps don’t … Read More

Music Business, Performance, And Technology

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Magical Music Player!

Our band would say ‘we are working tonight’ rather than ‘we are playing tonight’ and that’s the way it must be if you want to get someplace – and we did. There is not any assure in fact, however activate the radio and you’ll hear a lot of talentless rubbish that is making somebody money. A band is a service not a product and a supervisor must know what’s printed in this book and it certainly would benefit each bandmember to grasp it as nicely. How do nice songwriters free all of the rights to their very own material ? The info here is appliciable to each band and each musician at every degree.

Most folks hear phrases like “the Film business” or “the Music business,” and so they solely concentrate on the first half. To achieve success in business, any business, you need to be business … Read More