What Is The Opposite Of Jazz?


Papa Jack Laine, who ran the Reliance band in New Orleans in the 1910s, was referred to as “the father of white jazz”. The Original Dixieland Jazz Band, whose members were white, were the primary jazz group to report, and Bix Beiderbecke was some of the distinguished jazz soloists of the 1920s. The Chicago Style was developed by white musicians such as Eddie Condon, Bud Freeman, Jimmy McPartland, and Dave Tough. Others from Chicago corresponding to Benny Goodman and Gene Krupa grew to become main members of swing through the Nineteen Thirties.

For others, jazz is a reminder of “an oppressive and racist society and restrictions on their inventive visions”. Amiri Baraka argues that there is a “white jazz” genre that expresses whiteness. White jazz musicians appeared in the midwest and in other areas throughout the U.S.

Nea Jazz Masters

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