October 5, 2022

Kevin Drum


Perhaps you’re a hand percussionist and drums to you might be bongos, congas, timbales, cajons or even djembes. This just goes to indicate the wide range of instruments inside the drum and percussion class, and with such a protracted, wealthy history it’s easy to see why there are so many variations and types of drum in world.

This degree will change the way in which you method enjoying the drums. By studying the motions of drumming, you’ll become a more environment friendly drummer able to play sooner, smoother, and for longer periods of time. Taking the time to correctly study the motions will assist you to keep away from damage and drastically improve the sound of your drumming. Sweetwater is more than your source for drums and cymbals.

Timbales are tuned a lot greater than a tom of the identical diameter, and usually played with very light, skinny, non-tapered sticks. … Read More