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Yes, there is now a master suite (not simply bed room) at All-Star Music Family Suites. Before, the main bedroom had a door, but one had to exit the master suite and stroll by the kitchen area so as to get to a toilet. All-Star Music Family Suites – Family Room BedsAppropriately-themed art on the head of the fold-down beds.

In 1944, Maria and her stepdaughters Johanna, Martina, Maria, Hedwig, and Agathe applied for U.S. citizenship by submitting declarations of intention at the U.S. When their six months visitors’ visas expired, they went on a short Scandinavian tour and returned to New York in October 1939. When the Nazis annexed Austria in 1938, the von Trapps realized that they had been on skinny ice with a regime they abhorred.

Curtis musicians be part of the Enchantment Theatre Company to take youngsters via a magical, musical world. This participatory program is … Read More