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and record companies of Shanghai such as Baak Doi in 1952 left China. Mainland China was left on the sidelines in the development of pop music for a couple of many years, as the Chinese pop music industry moved from Shanghai to Hong Kong and Taiwan. The Nineteen Seventies noticed the rise of cantopop in Hong Kong, and mandopop in its neighboring nation Taiwan.

Punk rock first emerged in China within the early 1990s as information from Western punk and post-punk bands have been imported into mainland China for the first time. One of the earliest and most famed punk-influenced Chinese artists was He Yong whose debut album Garbage Dump was released in 1994. Chinese in style music found its beginnings in the shidaiqu style. The shidaiqu style was based by Li Jinhui in mainland China and was influenced by Western jazz artists like Buck Clayton. After the takeover by … Read More