December 1, 2022

Official Singles Chart Top 100

For that site the scarcity of source data means that every available chart has to be employed. In contrast this site can rely on the fact that since the year 2000 extensive and trustable charts are available for all the largest music markets. This allows us to estimate the worldwide top 10 songs for every single day. The UK singles chart was born within the pages of the music weekly NME on 14 November 1952. (Pub quizzers will tell you that the first No 1 was Al Martino’s “Here in My Heart”.) Providing music with this new competitive element – who was best, who was climbing fastest, who got to No 1 – proved an immediate hit. Over time, it grew into a top 30, and later the top 40.

There were many great artists in the 40s, 50s, early/mid 60s, and the few in the 70s werent didn’t have a place in the mainstream or commercial viability. +Im particularly pertaining to artists in these lists that were significant for whichever year, decade etc. And based off everything I’ve seen and been told its seems to me that the Beatles were the most over-rated, hyped up media affair. Im not undermining the good music they made but it boggles my mind how they were at the top of everything when they were in no way as great as they were perceived historically. The success of the beatles is a combination of the brilliant production of george martin, the consistent quality marketing of the media and the conformity of the masses. ALL these lists really go to show that the majority of the music that changed the world from the late 60s to the current is TERRIBLE.

So the first number shows that the algorithm is the same, the second shows the parameters are different and the final one shows that the source data has been refined. In 2012, Paul McCartney recorded an album of standards called Kisses On TheBottom, a phrase from Fats Waller’s 1935 hit single “I’m Going Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter”. Waller’s song was recorded on 8 May 1935 and went up to Num 3 in the charts.

In this case the year value is returned in millions of dollars. We assume that a number one is worth 1% of the daily take . The position then adjusts that (so number 2 is worth 0.87%, number 3 0.81% and so on). We sum up all the scores from charts that day and that provides an overall score for that item on that day in all the charts it appears in.

However there are many other advantages in adopting the structure we do. I couldn’t help wishing that Sinatra topped the list over Elvis for artists in the 1950s though… The lyrics from the post on July 8 are accurate as well as I can recall.

Elvis has been on the charts more times than any other artist or group. Elvis has the most hits in the Top 100, the Top 40, The Top 10, and has had 32 Number 1 Records. Elvis is the only artist inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, The Country Music Hall of Fame, The Gospel Music Hall of Fame, and The Rythm and Blues Hall of Fame. To know what were the biggest songs in France you should go to the French chart sources (described in the “Song Charts” page). However, we’ve never had much luck getting French charts. The data value changes when new data is added or when old data is fixed.