October 3, 2022

Official Charts

But the artists “Robin Thicke” and “Pharrell Williams” were notable enough on their own to have individual entries. So we assign an additional 8,250 to each of them for the work they put in to “Blurred Lines”. We have had to take a very simplistic approach here, the headline artist gets the full tally of points, any further artists get 50% of the points . This factor means that an artist which appears in numerous collaborations might get a higher score than one above them in the list. Most of the pages on this site provide summary information, for example the daily, monthly and annual charts, details about the top songs, albums and artists. All pages have a comment box at the bottom to allow you to ask questions, point out mistakes and suggest improvements.

Of course Wikipedia’s “Conflict of Interests” rules mean that we wouldn’t add such links ourselves. There is always a delay between the end of a year and when we can start collecting the data for it. To be honest we wouldn’t have complete faith in our own listings for any period less than 5 years old, the data is too recent for our data analysis approach. We’ve added the charts, but made it so they don’t contribute to the overall score .

Also wondering if you continue to add charts for the more recent years as you go along/they be come available (and around when do you think viewers could expect an accurate representation of the last few years, etc.). You also suggested that we could analyse charts by region. We looked at this when we added the “Europe v North America” pages.

And, once again, this isn’t meant in any way as a derrogation, rather just me wanting to clarify stuff up for myself. A US music historian called Joel Whitburn has used the information from the irregular https://www.wikipedia.org/ charts, the Billboard magazine contents and other sources to retrospectively calculate the charts from 1890 to 1958. This is published as a spreadsheet by a guy calling himself “Bullfrog” .

We stock a huge range of sheet music in our Northampton shop, so why not pop in and have a browse. Tiara Andini is currently at the top of the Indonesian chart with ‘Merasa Indah’, while NIKI’s ‘Every Summertime’ is sitting at second place. Other tracks in the chart include Mahalini’s ‘Sisa Rasa’, Justin Bieber’s ‘Ghost’ and Lyodra’s ‘Pesan Terakhir’. Following the launch of the charts, Tabudlo took to Instagram to celebrate his top spot. Following the success of his first two albums, former One Direction star Harry Styles is about to drop his hugely-antipcated third album ‘Harry’s House’ on 20th May. Training, contemporary Christian music and a globally influential website.

To make it easier to get on board with the most killer stuff, we’ve digested it all, and curated the ultimate weekly chart. If you’re an artist featuring in this chart, we can provide you with social media assets. And finally, following their success on the Official Albums Chart this week with Disrespectful, Bradford’s Bad Boy Chiller Crew crack the Top 40 with BMW , their second Top 40 hit.

These entries contain 44,409 distinct artist names, 50,060 song names and 58,938 album names. The site lists the overall top 1000 artists, 2000 songs and 2000 albums as https://www.def-con-one.com/ well as providing charts for every year, month and even every day between 1 Jan 2000and 30 Jun 2021. After that it declined and has gotten worse and worse every decade.

In contrast by any reasonable measure none of his songs had much success, even across the whole of the USA . There are two reasons why the total scores for songs, albums and artists can be inconsistent with the sum of their parts. The main one is because of the way scores get assigned to contributing artists. Suppose for example we consider the song “Blurred Lines” byRobin Thicke, T.I. & Pharrell Williams, on its own this gets a score of something like 16,500, so the artist responsible gets assigned that score. In this case the artist “Robin Thicke, T.I. & Pharrell Williams” only had one hit but this was sufficient to make them artist number 281.

Songs Song Years Song Artists Song Titles Albums Album Years Album Artists This is the most comprehensive collection of world music chart information anywhere . These lists bring together 500,999 individual chart runs about the most popular 147,125 songs and 82,516 albums released since the year 1900. The source data includes all the hits of 36,644 song artists and 21,991 album artists.