December 1, 2022

Music Local

When did contractual exclusivity in underground music get like this? “The way exclusivity is being used today has a lot to do with the increasing influx of DJs creating a saturated market, and the resulting decentralisation of promoters and venues,” Ćinske says. “There’s more pressure to stand out in a sea of content and grab the public’s attention. People are more likely to buy a ticket to see an artist who only plays twice a year, rather than every weekend.” Things have also changed from the consumer’s side. In other words, promoters are claiming exclusivity over wider territories because, as the industry and its audiences become more globalised, they feel the need to protect their expanded reach to stay influential. While those trends may not apply to local scenes with smaller reach and smaller budgets, local promoters and artists might still find themselves impacted by ECs if they share territory with bigger players.

“The biggest loser here, ultimately, is you, the clubber,” Oliver Payne wrote for Mixmag in 2018. “Yes, the best acts are in the city, but only ever at one place. A lack of competition means higher prices, and the city’s musical ecosystem being dominated by the tastes of a handful of people. How does that make the city’s nightlife healthy, or appealing? ” Perhaps because many of us are so used to this picture of local nightlife.

It’s interesting that commercial festivals were exempt from Coachella’s regulations, while smaller economic players like Soul’d Out were impacted. The lawsuit accused Coachella as having “unreasonably” restrained interstate commerce, but how you define “unreasonable” exclusivity is not always clear, and ultimately the case was dismissed. Remember that the local files you want to add to your Spotify library must be on the computer or a USB drive or stick connected to it. To make the process easier, ensure you download everything first and store all the tunes in one folder. Once the local files get added to your Spotify playlists, you can listen to them just like any other song. Eventbrite is a global ticketing and event technology platform, powering millions of live experiences each year.

Broadcasting to 380,000 people in Greater Norwich, our schedule is made of dozens of shows led by a creative and diverse range of passionate presenters. We co-ordinate activity to support sector development, including training, networking and facilitation of nation-wide initiatives, all underpinned by the aspiration to make regional music communities more inclusive. Music Local supports and develops place-based music support systems and infrastructures, tailored to the needs of individual music communities. These are third party technologies used for things like interest based Etsy ads. Etsy is no longer supporting older versions of your web browser in order to ensure that user data remains secure.

An array of amazing musicians will be on board the ferry on Saturday August 26, 12pm-6pm, giving live performances. Shields Ferry passengers will be entertained by musicians on their Tyne crossings this Bank Holiday weekend. “Saturday night on BBC Radio Devon, BBC Radio Cornwall and BBC Radio Somerset is a place where we can throw open the doors to new and upcoming musicians, and make sure that their incredible music is heard by a wider audience.” Get the music you’re making played on BBC radio, upload your tracks to BBC Introducing. These types of events generate more community interest in your venue, and can also be offered at a lower price point to get attendees through the door during the week.

What’s On Grease Sing-Along at The Regal Tenbury 29 May 2022 Come and sing-along with this classic musical on Sunday 29… Pubs such as theGreen Dragon, theBlue Bell Inn,The Unicorn,The New InnandBar Sevenin Upton upon Severn offer an excellent dive into the range of local talent. There’s a vibrant world of different genres of music on your doorstep, and without your patronage it will fade away and a core piece of local culture will be lost. Self-funded and run by volunteers,Malvern Cubeis home to many different kinds of performances. Live music, but also dramatic pieces, plays, art exhibitions and many more.

We establish communication platforms and create links from music education hubs to the commercial music industry and beyond. There will also be a series of venues taking part across North/South Shields as well as Newcastle/Gateshead. With a separate ‘night time’ ferry event running up the Tyne hosting musicians, a DJ and a licensed bar. The Birmingham Moseley Rugby Club event promises to be extra-special because the money raised on the night will go to six inspirational charities in the area. So, attendees get to support local bands and give back to their community. Partnering with a local charity not only benefits your community but can also broaden your reach – the organisation you partner with can help advertise your event.