October 5, 2022

Music Art: Getting to Know the Functions of Music

Music Art- In everyday life, humans live side by side with music that is present in various lines. Then, music also has its own function. Here’s a full explanation of the function of the art of music


The function of music has different purposes, depending on the reason for using the music itself. The following are 10 functions of music according to Allan P. Meriam in the book The Anthropology of Music:

1. The art of music functions as an emotional mechanism for a large group of similar actions.

For example, the case of the Flathead Indians and perhaps many other American Indian tribes still preserve certain songs and dances, even though the original occurrence of their appearance has long been extinct.

2. The function of the art of music is aesthetic satisfaction.

Aesthetic issues related to music are not easy. This includes aesthetics from the point of view of the creator or the audience and if considered with one of its main functions, music must be demonstrable for cultures other than our own.

3. The function of the art of music is entertainment on all social levels.

The word ‘entertainment’ is used to refer to entertainment that has been combined with other functions that may be a more general feature of non-literate society.

4. The function of the art of music as a means of communication.

While we know that the main problem is that music conveys something, we don’t know how clearly what, how, and for whom the message is. Music is not a universal language, but a form in terms of culture as music is a part of it.

5. The function of the art of music is a symbolic representation.

There is little doubt that music functions in all walks of life as a symbolic representation of other things, ideas, and behaviors.

6. The function of the art of music is a physical response.

It is well known that music can trigger a physical response in the human body, but it is still questionable whether this response should be included in what is basically a group and social function as well as an individual’s sense of self-consciousness or self-esteem.

7. The function of the art of music is a reinforcement of conformity to social norms.

Songs that can regulate social control play an important role in some cultures, warning directly or indirectly about what behavior we should practice.

8. The function of the musical arts is a validation of social intuition and religious rituals.

When we use music in social and religious situations, there is some information to indicate the extent to which music tends to validate those intuitions and rituals.

9. The function of the art of music is a contribution to cultural stability.

If music allows emotional expression, provides aesthetic pleasure, entertains, communicates, provokes physical responses, reinforces the harmony of norms, and validates social intuition and religious rituals.

10. The function of the art of music is a contribution to social integration.

Music does have the function to integrate social life into our daily existence.