December 1, 2022

Mimi Webb Scorches Official Singles Chart With Highest New Entry

The romantic single was first released in early December, shortly after he dropped his debut album, ‘Episode’. Saweetie’s debut album, titled ‘Pretty B-tch Music’ was originally set for release in 2021, after she teased fans with singles such as ‘Tap In’, ‘Back to the Streets’ featuring Jhené Aiko, and ‘Best Friend’ featuring Doja Cat. Every Sunday afternoon from 4pm until 7pm, Sarah-Jane Crawford counts down the 30 biggest songs that you’ve been listening to, on the radio, streaming, watching and downloading.

Should Adele have made it to number one on the US iTunes chart in three minutes, it would smash the former record, held by Ariana Grande, whose song Positions reached the top spot in under 10 minutes. Neither iTunes nor Apple have yet confirmed this potential record-breaking achievement, however. It still sits at the top of both iTunes and Apple Music charts at time of writing. You make a valid point, there certainly is a good case for listing it under “Chick Webb & Ella Fitzgerald”.

The obvious way to identify the “biggest hit” is to assign each item some kind of score and only list the highest achievers. For our own music collections we use this data in combination with sources of lyrics and cover art to add extra value. The Bobby Fuller Four song “I Fought the Law” was a hit in 1966, while they released the “Tennessee Waltz” in 1959.

Thai rock act Tilly Birds’ ‘Until Then’ has clinched the number one spot in the Thailand chart, while Paper’s ‘Sky’, Stamp and Violette Wautier’s ‘Tha Thex’ rank second and third respectively. Despite the singer preparing to become a mum for the first time, she did reveal in December 2021 that ‘R9’ would be with us ‘soon, soon, soon’ – so we’re still holding on to hope… Tune in to Hits Radio every Sunday to hear the chart show.

For the past three decades, he has run his Chart Watch UK page – initially in print, now online – which takes an in-depth look at each week’s top 40 and analyses it accordingly. “Ed Sheeran’s exploits – that he was able to take advantage of the rules that were in place at the time, where any song that was streamed enough was eligible for chart placing – changed everything,” he says. If you look under the title “I Can’t Stop Loving You” you will see that Don Gibson’s version was number two in Norway in 1960.

My particular interest are the Billboard US charts and although I have bought various books on US charts – Joel Whitburn in particular, I have never seen this data electronically. Both these cases have their limits, the Europe v North America pages only show the top 20 songs, the profile pictures have obvious issues for success before 1950. The majority of song entries (about 68.1% of them) only exist in a single chart, in other words for two thirds of the chart entries there is no confirmation of spelling or song name.

The technical storage or access that is used exclusively for anonymous statistical purposes. Without a subpoena, voluntary compliance on the part of your Internet Service Provider, or additional records from a third party, information stored or retrieved for this purpose alone cannot usually be used to identify you. If LGBTQ organisation in your country are helping LGBTQ in Ukraine, use our contact page to give us the information so we can share with out readers.

This site should be considered as a complement to the // site. This site deals only with charts that are more recent than 1 Jan 2000, while that site is especially good for combining chart positions from multiple sources over a longer period to create reliable results. If we average the revenue from each country over this period it is obvious that the sales from the top five countries dominate the total figures. Out of those five the obvious anomaly is Japan, as we have already said most music that is a hit there does not show up in any of the other major countries.

Have you downloaded the CSV file from the versions page? Using that data you could do a crude version of what you are suggesting. Of course we also resisted listing number ones by date for a long time because of exactly the same types of concern about accuracy, and glossing over the reasons why no-one really knows what was actually number one on the 6 Feb 1952.