December 6, 2022
How to Organize a Music Art Performance

How to Organize a Music Art Performance

How to Organize a Music Art Performance

Music Art – How to organize a music art performance and the things to be prepared will be described below briefly and completely in arts and culture education materials. Organizing musical art performances is done to showcase a community’s work so that it can be assessed and developed.

The main points of discussion that will be elaborated on the organization of musical arts performances are what preparations must be prepared when you want to organize musical arts performances, aspects of supporting the organization of musical arts performances and what are the benefits of musical performances which of course will be discussed in the subject matter of cultural arts. and skills as follows.

Things to prepare before hosting a musical performance

Before holding a musical performance, there are several things that must be prepared and all the needs for performing and practicing regularly. The things that must be prepared before the musical performance is carried out are as follows. To know more about travel you can visit this site kelilingkota

1. Music creation

Music creations that have been created are required to always practice in order to achieve optimal results. Then, music creations that will affect a musical instrument or musical instrument that will be displayed.

2. Formation of committee

After the music creation is complete, the next thing is the formation of a committee. The committee has the duty to take care of everything about the show, starting from venue permits, publications, documentation, secretarial and others. This is very important, so that the show can take place as desired.

3. Show concept

In the concept of the show must be prepared carefully. The arrangement of events, the atmosphere that will certainly be displayed must be beautiful and bright and the order of the performances. Everything must be prepared quickly, well in advance of the musical performance.

4. Master of ceremonies (MC)

Music shows will not take place if there is no MC who has a very important role in a musical stage. The MC is the liaison between the musicians and the committee and the audience. Another task of the MC is to fill the gaps in time and pauses in a performance so that the situation can be controlled.

5. Stage concept (stage)

The stage or stage must be equipped with the appropriate properties required. If the show is held at night, the stage must be equipped with very bright lighting.

Supporting aspects of music performance

In performing the art of music, there are several things that must be considered in the supporting aspects. What are the supporting aspects, which will be described as follows:

1. The arrangement of the staging room

The arrangement of the staging space is as described in the stage concept above.

2. Planning the staging schedule

In order for the presentation of the show to run smoothly, it is necessary to have a planning arrangement and an appearance schedule or arrangement of events that are in accordance with the responsibilities that have been made by the chairman and secretary.

3. Mastery of music material

All players are required to master the material that has been prepared, because good mastery of the material will certainly determine success in a show.

4. Equipment equipment

Completeness of equipment and other equipment must be prepared the day before the show takes place, which include lights, decorations and others. In addition to the aspects mentioned above, there are many other things that must be prepared, such as in terms of security, consumption and so on.

Benefits of music performance

Below are the benefits of implementing musical performances, including the following:

  • As a medium of expression and appreciation.
  • With musical performances, it will certainly get responses, assessments and interpretations from various communities.
  • As an organizational exercise, because in the process there is cooperation and great responsibility.
  • Evaluate the work.

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