December 6, 2022

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Also wondering if you continue to add charts for the more recent years as you go along/they be come available (and around when do you think viewers could expect an accurate representation of the last few years, etc.). You also suggested that we could analyse charts by region. We looked at this when we added the “Europe v North America” pages.

Camila Cabello released her third solo album ‘Familia’ on 8th April. The singer had previously revealed the track list of her album which includes songs in English and Spanish, including her hit song ‘Bam Bam’ with Ed Sheeran. Charlie Puth’s viral hit Light Switch proves it has legs, jumping up 9 to a new peak of Number 31, while two young stars on the rise gain their first UK Top 40 entries today. London-based singer-songwriter Cat Burns jumps 13 spots to Number 34 with Go, while LA TikTok darling Em Beihold’s Numb Little Bug vaults ten places to Number 36. The only main listing where she’s above those acts is in the “Success in the 1990s” chart.

The music industry declined so much in the late 60s, continued to do so in the 70s and hasnt imroved one iota since. And this is coming from a young person under 30 who has spent their entire life absorbing every possible aspect of music history from the artists, to the songs, to the sales, to the significance and legacies. I apologize for being so blunt ; please feel free to email me if need be. This website is the modern equivalent of //, a website that combines music charts starting in 1900.

However we’ll be adding a 2010 listing in the next few months. PS – We’ve looked at , it has a number of lists, like “Top 200 Songs of the 1960s”, but they all seem to be selected by a group of critics, and selected recently. You are right in suggesting that the most recent years are not yet accurate. The way we gather data is more focused on getting history right rather than reporting current events. Our experience has been that 3-5 years has to go past before our pages reflect a reasonable view, so we’d trust our listing for 2007 at the moment, be prepared to defend the 2009 listing but have no faith in the 2010 one. Would you label yourself as the most concise chart site/archive on the net?

Garth Brooks is rated as one of the top-selling album acts of all time, but inspite of several recognizable hits, he fails to chart any song at all among the top 5000 of all time. Why do you suppose virtually any album he released rocketed up the charts, whereas his songs are not represented here in spite of their seeming ubiquity at the time? If it’s because they weren’t popular outside the rural American market, wouldn’t that be true in similar extent of his albums as well? By adding up all the scores from days in a given month we can get an idea of which songs and albums were the most successful for any time period. Sheeran, the biggest pop star on the planet, had just released his third album, ÷ . By this point, more people were streaming music than buying it and Sheeran’s fans listened to the songs from ÷ over and over again, more so than they did any other songs during the next seven days.

And, once again, this isn’t meant in any way as a derrogation, rather just me wanting to clarify stuff up for myself. A US music historian called Joel Whitburn has used the information from the irregular charts, the Billboard magazine contents and other sources to retrospectively calculate the charts from 1890 to 1958. This is published as a spreadsheet by a guy calling himself “Bullfrog” .

In contrast by any reasonable measure none of his songs had much success, even across the whole of the USA . There are two reasons why the total scores for songs, albums and artists can be inconsistent with the sum of their parts. The main one is because of the way scores get assigned to contributing artists. Suppose for example we consider the song “Blurred Lines” byRobin Thicke, T.I. & Pharrell Williams, on its own this gets a score of something like 16,500, so the artist responsible gets assigned that score. In this case the artist “Robin Thicke, T.I. & Pharrell Williams” only had one hit but this was sufficient to make them artist number 281.