October 3, 2022

Lgbtq Music Chart

Elvis has been on the charts more times than any other artist or group. Elvis has the most hits in the Top 100, the Top 40, The Top 10, and has had 32 Number 1 Records. Elvis is the only artist inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, The Country Music Hall of Fame, The Gospel Music Hall of Fame, and The Rythm and Blues Hall of Fame. To know what were the biggest songs in France you should go to the French chart sources (described in the “Song Charts” page). However, we’ve never had much luck getting French charts. The data value changes when new data is added or when old data is fixed.

We understand that from 1936 to 1958 the charts were irregular and didn’t have a consistent form. Hi — Yours it without a doubt the most useful single resource for music I have … Read More

Nature Music And Algorithmic Composition

The playful and emotionally charged behaviors of mothers and other affectionate carers were considered inessential to the young infant, who needed only responses to reflex demands for food, comfort and sleep. We present a view that places our ability to create and appreciate music at the center of what it means to be human. We argue https://www.wikipedia.org/ that music is the sounds of human bodies, voices and minds – our personalities – moving in creative, story-making ways. These stories, which we want to share and listen to, are born from awareness of a complex body evolved for moving with an imaginative, future seeking mind in collaboration with other human bodies and minds.

Outside of music, I felt that my life was more black and white. I knew I wanted music to become my world because it allowed me to feel the most beautiful emotions. It gave me a lot of … Read More

Official Charts

But the artists “Robin Thicke” and “Pharrell Williams” were notable enough on their own to have individual entries. So we assign an additional 8,250 to each of them for the work they put in to “Blurred Lines”. We have had to take a very simplistic approach here, the headline artist gets the full tally of points, any further artists get 50% of the points . This factor means that an artist which appears in numerous collaborations might get a higher score than one above them in the list. Most of the pages on this site provide summary information, for example the daily, monthly and annual charts, details about the top songs, albums and artists. All pages have a comment box at the bottom to allow you to ask questions, point out mistakes and suggest improvements.

Of course Wikipedia’s “Conflict of Interests” rules mean that we wouldn’t add such links ourselves. … Read More

Royalty Free Music For Filmmakers

After the baby is born and seeks intimate communication of all motives with a parent, the affective system remains as the director of learning and appreciation of what is gained by new awareness. Like the brain of any animal, the human brain grows to represent and regulate a body form in movement . And from even before birth, the self-formation of a personal self in the brain of the fetus is led by manifestations of movement.

For example, failure to gain a sympathetic appreciation of their musicality can cause an infant to express withdrawal and distress . Instead of joyful pride in sharing play they show sadness and shame . However, an infant’s communicative musicality https://www.wikipedia.org/ can also be expressive of resilience and determination. As Bruner, expressing his psychology of education, put it “the LADD needs a LASS” . Child and adult share rules of imagination for all kinds of … Read More


Oh, what a fix I’m in Since you’re out of love with me…. Thank you for yourinvestment of time to make short cutter like myself to have a great place to trust the facts of what I read. As with all data outliers will https://www.wikipedia.org/ skew results in some area, but you can’t just ignore artist’s in you case. We hope that we will be able to continue expanding our input charts so our results from five years ago continue to be “reasonable”..

Other tracks in the Philippines top 10 include Arthur Nery’s ‘Pagsamo’, Al James’ comeback single ‘PSG’ and Adele’s ‘Easy On Me’. Earlier this week, Billboard has launched several new weekly charts under the banner Hits of the World, and several Asian artists – including Zack Tabudlo, Tiara Andini and Tilly Birds – have topped their respective local charts. On 6th May 2022, Jack Harlow released his highly … Read More

Benefits Of Music & Nature Connection

If like me you like to add an album to your computer and then transfer to a mobile player you may, if possible, lower the volume as this CD is louder than the other Santec albums which is noticeable if you wish to shuffle tracks. Nature relaxation tracks perfect for meditation, relieving stress and anxiety or any production that requires a calming, natural and meditative feel. Psychiatrist and literary scholar Iain McGilchrist in The Master and His Emissary has presented a brilliant review of behavioral and brain research, and a clear conception of complementary consciousness in the two cerebral hemispheres.

Effort to manage the grace and morality of movements can be cultivated to assist well-being of those whose actions are confused or fearful – that is, the making or ‘poetry’ of their movements may be enhanced to provide responsive and relational care or therapy (Hobson, 1985, ch3; Stern, 2000, p. … Read More

Adele’s Stunning Single Easy On Me Races To Number One On Charts

Well, it is now looking like we’ll get to celebrate Christmas with loved ones this year, preventing any last minute lockdown-based surge for The Kunts, which possibly bodes well for LadBaby. That doesn’t mean it’s assured they’ll be ahead of The Kunts when the final Christmas chart is published on Friday. Though, they did both chart higher than the band’s effort last year – ‘Boris Johnson Is A Fucking Cunt’ – with Carey at number two, Wham! At number three and The Kunts at number five on the 2020 Christmas chart. Adam Wade had 11 hits from Nov 1960 (“Gloria’s Theme”) to Jan 1965 (“Crying in the Chapel”).

Secondly the chart from Japan is just too difficult to convert. Now luckily this doesn’t impact us much as most Japanese hits appear nowhere else. It unfortunate but to make the processing tractable we just have to ignore Japanese charts until someone … Read More

Tune Into Nature Music Prize

Music gives time a different perspective, and when everyone is experiencing that together, it is incredibly beautiful. Autumn drives into winter so it can sometimes be a moment of depression but, really, it’s so beautiful. The change of the leaves and that moment where all the leaves become red and yellow, and then fall down… I feel that nature is a great and complex world – a complex world that humans could not create. We strive, and we try, but we will never arrive at that same greatness.

In addition to Ceitidh’s overall winning song, this year three further selected entrants have been awarded the Tune Into Nature Highly Commended Prize, and will each receive a small grant to support their work. These winners include Flo Perlin, a contemporary Folk singer-songwriter from London with Iraqi and Belarusian heritage; Newcastle-based composer, vocalist, and musical omnivore Catch The Sparrow, and Rohith Sakthy, … Read More

Celebrate music, nature, art and more this weekend



GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – A west Michigan farm will be transformed into a space celebrating music, art, nature, joy and camaraderie – it’s the Wild Thyme Music Festival happening next weekend at Fat Blossom Farm in Allegan. Enjoy performances in a wide array of genres including folk, bluegrass, traditional Ugandan, country and rock. There will also be artists and farmers presenting workshops ranging from Medicinal Plant Uses and Production to Appalachian Solo Dance Styles.

The festival is both family and pet friendly and inclusivity sits at the heart of their commitment to the community and our place in the natural world. You can camp on site and enjoy the whole weekend of fun, plus there will be food vendors! It’s everything you need to relax in nature and celebrate our

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The World’s Music Charts

Does this latest stat revelation mean that it is still on course to be number one in the Official Singles Chart on Friday? Both critics and fans have lauded Adele’s powerful new single, with Metro.co.uk praising its ‘unflinching honesty’ which ‘hits harder than anything she’s presented us with before’. After five years out of the spotlight, the Londoner threw fans into a frenzy earlier this year when she announced she was finally bringing out a new album.

Our estimate is that any one of Bing Crosby, The Beatles, Elvis, Paul Whiteman, Frank Sinatra or Glenn Miller could feasibly be claimed to be the most successful musical acts of the 20th century, depending on how you combine the evidence. For most approaches the top act works out as Bing Crosby, The Beatles or Elvis, but the others https://www.def-con-one.com/ turn up for some metrics. So the answer depends on how you want … Read More