September 30, 2022

6 Recommended Tools Commonly Used to Make A Home Recording Studio

  1. Microphone
    Mic, a call that is often used for microphones, is the first tool we have to prepare for a home recording studio. Mic, as we know, is used as a medium that records the sound we want to record.
  2. Audio Interface
    This tool may often be the material of talk of people who are around the recording room because this tool is one of the important tools for a home recording studio. Audio Interface, reported by Music Repo, is the tool we need to input and output sound from our computer. This audio interface is also used to connect recording devices, such as dynamic mics so that the recordings can go directly to our computers.
    With this audio interface, we can input our recorded sound into audio editing software or applications, and the sound is guaranteed to be good
    An external soundcard, or audio interface, is needed because a computer’s built-in soundcard, is not designed for automatic recording, as a result, if it is used for recording it will often miss and sound late. The use of an audio interface because we only need to plug in our instrument or recording device, for example, a mic or a musical instrument, using a jack cable to the audio interface. So if you want to record your voice and record a guitar or other musical instrument, you can record it in one recording.
  3. Recording Room
    To choose the room where we record, we must first check whether the sound in the room bounces (echoes) or not. If the sound in the room doesn’t bounce off, that means the room is good enough to be a place for recording
  4. Monitor
    The monitor here is not a computer or laptop monitor in the form of a screen. But the monitor is in the form of speakers. Especially for those of you who want home recording and start trying to seriously study recording. According to him, actually, headphones are also sufficient for being a monitor, it’s just better to use a monitor speaker, because we can listen to our recordings and mixes in more detail and clarity, so if there are small mistakes, we can listen too.
  5. Software
    Even though it is not in the form of a heavy device, the software is one of the important devices for us to record. According to the Recording Connection, it is very important for those of us who want to learn about recording to know the basic knowledge of the software program that is being used while recording.
    Software for recording, or what is commonly called a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) recording software is used to help us mix sounds and add other recorded musical instruments or other that we record.
  6. Midi Controller
    MIDI Controller is hardware or software that we can use to play musical instruments that immediately turn into electronic or digital data. MIDI itself stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface. MIDI Controller is an optional tool whose function is to sound the instruments that are already on the computer. Usually, it’s good to use a regular keyboard that can be connected directly to the computer, but actually, we can also use the qwerty keyboard which we usually use for typing, we can even use a normal computer mouse.