Router Table Accessories

Apart from the basic parts, router tables that are of high quality comes with accessories that assist in routing tasks.  However, you can purchase the accessories if they are included in the router table. Here are some of the accessories.

  1. Collet Extension

Collect extension is the accessory you use to raise the height of a cutter you are using in a router table. The accessory is avaialbe in different models,  but most of the models raise the height of the router bit by approximately two inches. The accessory is essential if your router hinders bits from protruding higher above the table top surface. The installation of the accessory is similar to that of a bit or cutter.

  1. Push Tools

Push tools is an important accessory, because it introduces distance between the spinning cutter and your hand. However, the accessory allows you to control the rate of feed and direction of materials in a router table.  Although there are different kinds of push tools, sticks and push blocks are typical.   You can use the two even when the fence is not in place.  However, they are recommendable for use when your working material are small.

  1. Stop blocks

You use the accessory when you are not planning to rout the whole length of your workpiece.  The accessories normally comes as square blocks that fits in the T-slot on the fence.  Also, you can move the accessories to a position you want before placing them at strategic place. However, you can invert the pressures to use as stop blocks.  The accessory controls the length of the cut as you feed the router table, through prevention of the workpiece moving across the top of the table.

  1. Mitre fence

The accessory is also known as mitre gauge.   The acccesory suits the mitre fence slot attached on the table top.  The mitre gauge is made of a pivoting fence resembling a protractor and a long rod. When making straight or angled cuts,use the accessory to guide your working piece.

  1. Lead on pin

The pin is also known as starting or shoulder pin.  The router table accessory is useful when you are routing without any fence guide, as it supports your workpiece while making contact with the cutter.  Also, the lead on pin functions as a fulcrum, which allows you to pivot your material against the cutter when making routing curves.  You can easily fasten the 10-13mm length pins into threaded holes in your insert plate.

  1. Insert rings

The insert ring is also termed as an insert plate ring or reducer ring.  The accessory is important when using different bits or cutters.  You use the insert accessory to change the hole size of your router table insert plate, to suit different bits or cutters.  The accessory reduces the cutter opening, hence preventing chippings and dust from falling through to the router . Besides,  the insert ring offers more support to the workpiece you are feeding across the table.

  1. Pressures

These are side, top and finger pressures.  The accessories are also referred as featherboards or fingerboards. They have a design that enbales them to offer support to workpiece moving across the guide fence to make contact with the cutter, in order to prevent the material from being reversed.   The pressures either hold the material down on the table or against the guide fence.

Apart from the accessories listed above,there are others,similar to other parts that can be purcahsed separately or that comes with high quality router tables. At you can read more about all router tables and its accessories.